Dimitris Karantzas Helen by Euripides | 5 July 2014, 21:00 Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

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photos by evi fylaktou

Dimitris Karantzas
Helen by Euripides
5 July 2014, 21:00 Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus
Translated by
Dimitris Dimitriadis

Directed by
Dimitris Karantzas

Set & Costume Design
Ioanna Tsami

Stavroula Siamou

Henri Kergomard

Lighting Design
Alekos Anastasiou

Assistant Director
Theodora Kapralou

Hara Ioannou
Ioanna Kolliopoulou
Antonis Primikiris
Dimitris Samolis
Yannis Klinis
Aris Balis
Thymios Koukios
Elina Rizou
Evdoxia Androulidaki
“…all for an empty tunic, all for a Helen.”
George Seferis

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On the 60-year anniversary of the Epidaurus Festival, new talents on the Greek stage bring a breath of fresh creative air to what is arguably the most beautiful theatre in the world.

Dimitris Karantzas, at age 26, with a company of young actors and artists open the 2014 Epidaurus Festival with Euripides’ Helen (412 BC). In this tragedy with a happy ending, the real Helen lives in Egypt while the woman in Troy who has the same name is nothing but her look-alike phantom, an invention of the gods – so much trouble for a “cloud,” the poet muses with much bitterness as Athens mourns the dead of the Sicilian Expedition.

The performance is presented in Greek, with english surtitles

Should you decide to go to the Theatre by using the Intercity Bus you will just have to pay 10,00€. Here you can fill in the respective form

2 hours
Ticket Prices
VIP: 35€
Zone Α: 30€
Zone Β: 20€, 15€ (students)
Άνω διάζωμα: 15€, 10€ (students), 5€ (Unemployed, People with Movement Difficulties)


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