Ektoras Lygizos Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus | 12 July 2014, Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus

A noteworthy cast – Anna Mascha, Stefania Goulioti, Thanos Tokakis, Galini Hatzipaschali – take on the torment of Aeschylus’ hero: Prometheus, the archetypal opponent of tyranny who, having ignored the will of Zeus and stolen fire to give to Man, is taken by the State and by Force to a desolate place and nailed to a rock to be punished by the god, who unleashes thunder and lightning against him overwhelming the unrepentant Titan and his supporters, the Oceanids.

Ektoras Lygizos
Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus
12 July 2014, 21:00 Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

Translated by
Panagiotis Moullas

Adapted & Directed by
Ektoras Lygizos

Set & Costume Design
Clio Boboti

Lighting Design
Dimitris Kassimatis

Ioanna Lygizou

Assistant dramaturg
Katerina Konstantinakou

Assistant Director
Eva Vlassopoulou

Stefania Goulioti
Galini Hatzipaschali
Michalis Kimonas
Ektoras Lygizos
Anna Mascha
Tzina Thliveri
Thanos Tokakis
Dimitra Vlangopoulou
Having conducted a most thorough study of the terms in which ancient drama is narrated and represented indoors and on a small scale, Ektoras Lygizos now tackles the open-air dynamic of Epidaurus.

The performance is presented in Greek, with english surtitles

Should you decide to go to the Theatre by using the Intercity Bus you will just have to pay 10,00€. Here you can fill in the respective form

© George Santamouris


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