[video] Marina Abramović In conversation with Zvonimir Dobrović: The method and performance practice


Marina Abramović
In conversation with Zvonimir Dobrović: The method and performance practice
7 March 2014
19:00 Main Stage
The event is part of the Cycle
Transitions 1.Balkans: Contemporary Art Festival of the Independent Balkan Scene Watch the conversation on video, in Greek or English.
The conversation with Marina Abramović was also live streamed through the website of her Institute http://www.marinaabramovicinstitute.org/news/live-stream.

The Abramovic Method trains audience members with the skills to perform and observe long durational performances. The method involves a series of exercises designed to heighten the participant’s awareness of their physical and mental experience. These exercises derive from her belief that everyone (regardless of age, nationality, gender, race, sexuality, social class, physical ability, or native language) can benefit from being more present in the moment. Over the course of Abramovic’s career, she has dedicated herself to experimenting with these exercises on herself and now desires to create an environment where others can explore this process. These exercises are one element of a full set of interdisciplinary programming activities which will occur at MAI.

Following the talk about the Abramovic method and the foundation of her institute will be a conversation about the artistic practice of Marina Abramovic.

Those holding tickets for the lecture of Marina Abramovic, can also attend on the same day the Night of Performances in various spaces of the building.


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